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Maximize customer engagement using our API

Safe & reliable SMS campaign realization

Run SMS marketing campaigns via HORISEN Bulk SMS API

Enhance the capabilities of your SMS marketing with our carrier-grade API

HORISEN’s SMS broadcasting system has the carrier-grade messaging capabilities, offering extremely high availability, reliability, and safety. Our API gives you the possibility to easily integrate your systems with our product. Securely connect «nGage» to your system via HORISEN API. Enhance your marketing activities without education your employees on new software.

«nGage» API is based on industry standards and exposes clean RESTful HTTP interface. The authentication is based on OAuth2.0 standard. Making third party custom apps leveraging HORISEN and «nGage» APIs and data is programming language agnostic. Your apps using our API and data are VIP citizens in HORISEN ecosystem.

» Manage contacts «

Your user data base will always be up to date. HORISEN API is very powerful because it automatically collects user data from your existing systems (CRM, etc.) or in real-time when a user interacts (opt-in, opt-out from the app). In the same time, it collects data from fill-in forms on your website. The data are sent directly to the application and are immediately added or updated into your customer database. This helps you collect customers’ data automatically.

» Campaigns via API «

You can define specific conditions for your SMS campaigns and prepare custom messages in accordance with these criteria. As soon as these conditions occur, a message will be automatically sent.

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