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Enhance your business worldwide using «nGage»

All you need to organize effective SMS campaigns

SMS marketing platform: your powerful engagement booster

Communicate the right message to the right audience, through the best communication channel – online SMS.

«nGage» SMS marketing tool covers all your communication & marketing needs. It enables you to effectively communicate with your clients with personalized SMS messages, automating the entire broadcasting process for you. Send personalized, targeted messages on a mass scale. Establish quality customer relationships by delivering personalized engagement.

Collect & store all customers’ data at a single place. «nGage» has a powerful segmentation wizard with extremely flexible filters. It enables you to enrich the data with custom fields. Create customers’ lists as precise and specific as you need, tailored to perfectly fit all your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Boost reach

  • Spread brand awareness

  • Achieve outstanding customer engagement

  • Launch additional revenue stream


«nGage» has a comprehensive, transparent dashboard with reports in numbers and charts. It features graphical presentation of the results with interactive charts. Monitor all the results or filter specific SMS campaign details in few clicks.

Easy SMS

Easy SMS is a web-based instant messaging feature for quick & easy online SMS. It enables you to send instant messages from your browser, without using a phone. Very convenient and easy way to quickly send messages to an individual recipient, multiple recipients or to different customer groups.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is an end-to-end campaigns management system enabling you to create, plan and schedule all your SMS campaigns. User-friendly interface and easy-to-use campaign wizard allow you to create, schedule and implement your campaigns in no time. It features flexible Segmentation Wizard with a wide range of filtering options.

Contacts Manager

Contacts Manager provides you with flexible and easy recipients’ lists management, segmentation, filtering and customers’ data enrichment. Collect and store all you customers' data in one place and create as many different clients' lists and groups as you need.

Powerful Segmentation

The Segmentation Wizard with powerful filtering and flexible custom fields’ options empowers you to create specific audiences. The flexible custom fields feature allows you to enrich your customers’ data by adding as many custom fields as you want and to create precise and specific target groups.

How «nGage» works?

How «nGage» works

The technology base of «nGage» is very powerful and secure. HORISEN provides the SMS browser tool and the SMS Gateway, which allows you to send text messages via the mobile operator to end users – your customers. The technology enables you to leverage the power of Bulk SMS and SMS broadcast on a mass scale, globally.

The app is built on a robust, scalable and cloud-based API. Advanced users may even develop their own apps using our API. Reach all your customers at once, in real time, engaging them with promotional messages, SMS newsletters or critical news alerts. Or simply monetize the app by reselling SMS to your clients.

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