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Send personalized messages on a mass scale worldwide

Send trackable messages to your clients & boost the reach

Automated messaging platform for best customer engagement

Improve marketing & business performance by communicating the right message to the right audience.

Use our mobile marketing hub to attract more prospects, generate leads, and land new high-end clients. Our tool is ideal for so many businesses that need to communicate with their customers, both for marketing purposes or different business updates. Enhance customer engagement reaching them anytime, anywhere. Send news, special offers, flash sales, discount coupons & vouchers and grow your client base at a glance.

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How to best use «nGage»?

Our messaging product has plenty of options available to you. Use it to send different time-sensitive information or marketing messages to your clients. Plenty of filtering options and custom filtering will help you tailor precise target groups that best suit your business needs.

  • Time-sensitive information via SMS (Events, Offers, etc.)

  • Appointment / service / payment reminders

  • Automatic birthday SMS

  • Vouchers & coupons via SMS

  • SMS polls / quizzes

  • SMS newsletters

  • Highly targeted messages (custom filtering)

  • Links via SMS (improve website traffic, product orders, etc.)

  • Short-term / urgent information (delays, cancellations, etc.)

  • Marketing/advertising via SMS

  • Reach people who are hard to reach (via other channels)

Horisen Management Team

» Retail SMS marketing «

Leverage the power of direct mobile communication to build loyalty with existing customers and attract and retain new ones. SMS messaging is perfect for the retail market because it has 95 % open rate, enabling retailers to carry out massive marketing campaigns in the most efficient way. Send exclusive offers, product launches or build customer loyalty programs.

» Real estate SMS messaging «

Real estate companies and their agents can use text messaging to quickly reach clients with valuable property information or price drop notifications. Ask your potential buyers to opt-in to receive SMS notifications and send them useful data or images of the properties they might be interested in. Reach them with exclusive price reductions to close more sales.

» Doctor SMS appointment alerts «

Missed or forgotten appointments make problems to both doctors and patients. Send SMS appointment reminder alerts to cut down on “no-shows” at your clinic, raise the work efficiency and maintain close relations with your patients.

» Hotel promotional SMS «

Hotels can use text messaging to send various promotional messages to prospects and their existing clients. Information such as reservation reminders, check-in & check-out hours, cancellation policies, special offers, directions, image galleries, etc. Will be very useful to your clients. Send exclusive early-bird offers to your visitors to get more bookings.

» SMS messaging for clubs & restaurants «

Night clubs and restaurants can send various messages to their customers. Night clubs will benefit if they regularly send events announcements, concert info or special offers. Restaurants will increase customer loyalty and revenue by keeping their customers always up-to-date with weekly specials, discount offerings or SMS reservation service.

» Hair & beauty salons «

If you own hair or beauty salon, or both, you can send text messages with appointment reminders or help your loyal customers easily make new appointments through an SMS. In the same time, you can inform your clients about the latest services you are offering, giving them discounts to try it first. Ladies & gentlemen will appreciate it!

» nGage text messaging for schools «

Enhance communication strategy with the parents or school stuff with SMS messaging. SMS is delivered almost immediately after being sent which makes it the most efficient communication channel when you need to communicate a message fast. Text messaging can also be used for promotional purposes, informing parents about school enrollment, events or class communication.

» Car dealerships «

It’s so easy to reach customers with SMS. Car dealerships can maintain customers’ communication and contact all year long. Not only that you can send special car deals and offers, but you can drive new leads by sending helpful car tips, alerts about new car inventory, appointment reminders or by organizing contests & quizzes.

» Clothing Stores «

Have personalized communication with your visitors. Keep them engaged by sending SMS special offers, discounts, mobile coupons & vouchers, notify them of newly stocked items or implement a QR code to direct people to your website. Start a frequent customer loyalty program and send birthday rewards. Satisfied customers are your best marketing!

» Mobile messaging for government and public services «

Governments, government agencies, and public services can use mobile messaging to educate their communities and to inform the people about local news, events or vital service info. You can deliver important critical alerts, help your community understand law regulations or motivate voters to register for the elections. 

“«nGage» helped us easily acquire and retain new customers, thanks to the highest level of automation provided by the tool. It’s so easy working with this app and we recommend it to everyone who wants to effectively reach their clients.”

“With this professional online SMS tool, we’ve managed to increase sales and win new clients. This application is a great solution for all who need a cost-effective mobile marketing system.”

“We have been struggling with high costs and very low response rate of our email marketing campaigns. Then we heard about «nGage» and decided to try a different marketing approach, using SMS. We won’t be using email marketing anymore!”

“We’ve tried different SMS marketing platforms before, but none of them provided us an end-to-end SMS marketing solution like «nGage» did. We recommend it to everyone. It’s easy to use and delivers excellent business results through SMS campaigns.”

“Great experience! It’s so easy to run online SMS campaigns with «nGage». HORISEN support team is very professional and helpful.” 

“HORISEN has Bulk SMS industry experience for so many years, so it was easy for us to decide to use «nGage». Their expertise helped us achieve excellent business results. We’ve increased sales, got numerous new clients and built new quality relationships.”

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