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Excellent user experience with real-time reporting

«nGage» - a beautiful interface with powerful features

Feature-rich, safe & reliable text messaging software

Web-based SMS tool with a beautiful interface and powerful features.

«nGage» has a modern, compact and intuitive design based on state-of-the-art technology. Send SMS online with our powerful web app built specifically to meet all the requirements business clients could have. Contacts Manager allows you to collect and save all customer data at one place. Powerful segmentation engine and custom filtering give you the ability to create as many customers’ lists as you need. Instantly reach customers to expand your direct marketing efforts by sending short messages online.

All you need for effective SMS campaigns!

SMS via browser

Sending SMS through a browser is the most convenient way to communicate with your clients, business partners or employees. Our web-based application provides you with a comfort of working from any device.

Schedule campaigns

Run SMS campaigns immediately or schedule them according to your needs, in advance.

Attractive rates

We offer you different pricing packages tailored to fit your needs to help you get the maximum value from our SMS messaging tool.

Live statistics/reports

Follow all your SMS campaigns in real-time, with comprehensive live reports and statistics.

Video tutorials

The platform features video tutorials explaining in detail how to best use our tool, guiding you through the entire process.

Simple data import/export

Import or export all the data using Excel Sheet, .csv files or download our Excel template, fill it in and upload to the platform.


Comprehensive, transparent dashboard with reports in numbers and charts.

  • Contacts total / lists
  • Total campaigns / running
  • SMS / messages sent
  • SMS credit balance
  • Last campaign
  • Running campaign
  • Next campaign
  • Finances
  • Period filter by days, month, year, week, quarter and custom period

Easy SMS

Web-based instant messaging for quick & easy SMS without using a phone.

  • Address book
  • Recipients
  • Groups
  • Mobile number, sender, message, status, and status date-time clear table overview
  • Quick and easy filtering by mobile number, sender, message, status, and status date-time

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager for end-to-end campaigns management: creating, planning and scheduling campaigns in advance.

  • Scheduled campaigns detailed statistics: selected recipients, reached recipients, scheduled SMS, delivered SMS, cost of campaign
  • Message delivery statistics in percentage or in numbers (pie charts)
  • 5-step Campaign Wizard to create and schedule campaigns in a minute
  • Create and save a draft campaign(s)
  • Scheduled campaigns detailed overview
  • Scheduled campaigns calendar (day, work week, week, month, agenda, timeline)
  • Flexible Segmentation Wizard with a wide range of filters possibilities to choose from: efficient segmentation of your contacts list(s)
  • Define your own filters by including or excluding specific data options

Segmentation Wizard

  • Segment and create different recipient groups for each new campaign
  • Sophisticated filter function with high granularity (by age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Segmentation templates and so many segmentation rules to choose from
  • Powerful filtering by mobile number, first name, last name, gender, birthdate, type, touchpoint, list, and status
  • Unlimited number of custom fields

Cloud-based software solution

HORISEN mobile marketing platform is a cloud-based software solution. Our web-based approach guarantees no additional infrastructure costs.

«nGage» the clients without having to invest in administration, software, safety, and support.

Contacts Manager

Flexible and easy recipients list management, segmentation, filtering and customers’ data enrichment.

  • All contacts: graphical presentation and a list
  • Powerful filtering by mobile number, first name, last name, gender, birthdate, type, touchpoint, list, and status
  • Fast & easy contacts overview, editing or deleting
  • Unlimited amount of custom fields
  • Contacts lists import & export in Excel, .csv
  • Drag & drop file upload
  • Downloadable excel template
  • Segmentation wizard with sophisticated filter options
  • Categories
  • Touchpoints
  • Lists: filtered by name, creation date, last import, last campaign
  • Add new contacts
  • Export results
  • Search

Additional features

  • Segmentation Wizard: segment and create different recipients groups for each new campaign
  • Easy data import/export from Excel Sheet, .csv
  • Downloadable Excel template sheet to fill out and upload a new contacts list or to already existing one
  • Sophisticated filter function with high granularity (by age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Predefined message templates to easily compose messages
  • Comprehensive real-time reports and statistics
  • Graphical presentation of results with interactive charts
  • SMS credit purchase with credit card and PayPal
  • Settings for defining default values

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