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SMS Messaging Platform for Customers’ Mobile Engagement

HORISEN’s «nGage»

Quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions

A short list of our Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

We have provided you with the answers to the most common questions to make it easier for you to understand and use «nGage». If you don’t find the answer on your question below or if you want more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Can I edit the campaign while it is running?

    Some basic information can be edited, like a name. But configuration options like scheduling, segmentation, etc. cannot be changed in the running campaign. In that cases, we suggest stopping a current campaign and cloning it as a new one.

  • How to check the delivery status of text messages?

    From the campaign list, you can click View icon for a particular campaign. There you can find Message Delivery Statistics to see totals. Also, from the same dialog, you can click on the Message Log button to see the status of each particular message in a campaign.

  • How does billing / invoicing work?

    Each message delivery decreases your SMS account credit per pricing you can see in Finance section. You are also charged by monthly fee based on available features (Easy SMS 2-way, number of contacts, etc.)

  • How to contact the support for help?

    You can contact the support for «nGage» via Email and Live Chat inside the app.

  • Is there a limitation in a number of contacts I can add?

    Yes, the monthly plan you have selected determins the maximum of contacts you can add/import in your lists.

  • What is the maximum number of campaigns I can run simultaneously?

    Technically there's no limitation but note that you are anyway limited by available credit for SMS-es you can send.

  • What are the options to schedule a campaign?

    Campaigns can be scheduled to run once or to have repeated execution. Once can be run immediately or at the scheduled time. Repeat campaigns are executed per scheduling rules similar to how digital calendar events are scheduled. Event campaigns are scheduled implicitly, per event date like Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc.

  • How long does the contract last?

    Minimal contract period is 3 months.

  • How long is the notice period for canceling the contract?

    The cancellation of the contract can be done one month in advance.

  • Where to check real-time statistics?

    From the campaign list, you can click View icon for a particular campaign. There you can find Message Delivery Statistics. Also, Dashboard section contains useful analytics information.

  • Which files are supported for uploading into the app?

    We support CSV and XLSX file types.

  • What is the maximum number of lists I can upload to the app?

    There are no limitations, though you are limited by a number of contacts you can create.

  • What is the maximum number of contacts I can upload in a single list?

    You can upload all available contacts in a single list.

  • How many contacts/lists/groups can I create?

    Only contacts are limited per monthly plan.

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