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Resell Bulk SMS to increase revenue

Start your lucrative SMS Business

Money-making platform: start your lucrative SMS business

Start monetizing SMS to discover a profitable new revenue stream.

HORISEN «nGage» is not just customer engagement tool. It’s a money-making platform for companies and agencies who want to resell Bulk SMS. As our client, you will get your login to the platform. The platform can be white-labeled, branded with your business logo. You are free to give your clients different pricing plans to monetize your service best. The platform features live, and detailed financial and statistics control enabling you to monitor the revenue at any moment. 

«nGage» more to earn more!

You can use our app to resell Bulk SMS services and develop your own messaging business, powered by our software, technology, and service. Use «nGage» both for your marketing activities, and to monetize SMS, reselling it further to your customers, with your rates and pricing plans. Earn more customers and more money!

Robust income booster: improve your current cash flow

Sell with your rates

You are free to define your rates and pricing plans for each of your customers.


Select white-labeled solution, brand the platform with your logo and start reselling SMS to your clients.

Automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing to your customers from HORISEN with customer’s invoice template.

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